Rhino Boots Pricing and Ordering Policy


  • Wholesale prices are determined by the quantity purchased.
  • A regular minimum order is 24 pairs for U.S. Domestic orders and 48 pairs for International orders.
  • You can mix the models & sizes any way you want to complete your order.
  • In the form below, fill in the required information and
    1. List the models you are interested in 
    2. Tell how many of each size for each model.
  • We will reply with a quote as quickly as possible.

Sample Orders:

  • Samples are available at retail cost.
    If you approve the samples and you follow with an order we will compensate you for the difference in price.
  • Minimum sample order is determined on an individual basis and may not be available to all buyers.
  • We will not ship a sample order of less than 6 pairs.


  • You must include the model number and how many pairs per model.
  • You must include your name and email address.

    By submitting this form you will be automatically added to our email list. If you choose not to learn of news and special promotions you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe at the bottom of your first email.


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